Chromeo – White Women


Montreal-formed electro duo Chromeo have resurfaced with an album that surely does impress!

After three albums oozing with sleazy electro-funk and heavily reliant on ’80s nostalgia, Canadian duo Chromeo should really have some new tricks up their sleeves. But no: the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Business Casual’ is business as usual.

You could look at White Women negatively as the same ingredients have been used in previous albums, but to justify; it works so damn well.

Funk synth leads, ’80s drum machines and a well-studied electro revivalism give Chromeo’s forth full length album a sophisticated, sparkling vintage polish.

There’s never a dull moment on White Women, which makes selecting a highlight near impossible, every track is a precision-targeted pop missile.

The spacey synths paired with Nile Rodgers-esque guitar that features in ‘Over Your Shoulder’ hit the spot, and ‘Sexy Socialite’ has a snappy dance floor-moving beat courtesy of former LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney.

‘Ezra’s Interlude’ also features Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig and Solange Knowles voices ‘Lost On The Way Home’.

Similar to acts like Duck Sauce and Flight Facilities, Chromeo deliver fun by the bucket-load and their latest release White Women will provide the typical funky beats we have grown to love.

White Women Tracklist:

  1. “Jealous (I Ain’t with It)”
  2. “Come Alive” (featuring Toro y Moi)
  3. “Over Your Shoulder”
  4. “Sexy Socialite”
  5. “Lost on the Way Home” (featuring Solange)
  6. “Play the Fool”
  7. “Hard to Say No”
  8. “Ezra’s Interlude” (featuring Ezra Koenig)
  9. “Old 45S”
  10. “Somethingood”
  11. “Frequent Flyer”
  12. “Fall Back 2U”