Cut Copy – Free Your Mind


The Australian dance-rock act Cut Copy have released a colourful LP titled Free Your Mind and this release sure does make you ‘free your mind’.

Frontman Dan Whitford produced the effort in Cut Copy’s hometown of Melbourne and later had the album mixed by Dave Fridmann in upstate New York.

As the new-wave foursome tell it, Free You Mind was inspired by the two Summers of Love (San Francisco’s in 1967 and Britain’s in 1988 and 1989).

In an official statement, Dan Whitford explained the album’s thesis as: “The concept of freedom is one that’s universally positive and timeless, and whatever each person’s version of that freedom is, it’s a good thing to be reminding people or even just ourselves to be ‘free.'”

Free Your Mind makes friends with the listener by using three straight bangers to kick off the album: The title track is backed up by “We Are Explorers” and “Let Me Show You Love”, coincidentally the same three singles that kicked off the album’s presentation to the world.

But as the album progresses, it doesn’t stop providing tracks that could stand alone as succesful singles. All tracks feature catchy hooks with a similar aesthetic and production flair to the title track.

Essential tracks such as Walking In The Sky, Free Your Mind and We Are Explorers will have you up dancing in no time.