Deadmau5 Replaces Purrari With Lamborghini

Late last year, the infamous Purrari (Ferrari owned by deadmau5) was no more. The Italian car company wasn’t too impressed with the result of Joel Zimmerman’s work on their latest model; the Ferrari 458 Spider.

The exotic car had the infamous Nyan Cat-inspired wrap and drew attention from fans (and non-fans) all over. That is apart from Ferrari, who sent him and his legal team a cease & desist letter.

After the initial announcement in December last year, it is now official. The mau5 is now in possession of an equally beautiful Lamborghini Huracan that he purchased with the money gained from selling the Spider; and yes – it comes with an updated Nyan Cat wrap!

Check out the brand new Lamborgini Huracan, now known as the Purracan below.