Deadmau5 Reveals New Album Is Underway


Arguably Canada’s most renowned music producer deadmau5 has just announced in a recent interview that he is planning to put out a new album, which is in the works right now.

While the new LP does not have a release date just yet, deadmau5 revealed to ‘a lot of music in the pipe’ plus a new artist album. The new music will be accompanied by a new production concept that he hasn’t given much more details on.

The last studio album released by deadmau5 was “W:/2016ALBUM/” back in December 2016. The record brought a string of hits including ‘4ware’, ‘Let Go’ and the face-melting “Imaginary Friends.”

Before the coronavirus rocked the entire electronic music industry, deadmau5 had plenty of projects in mind, in which most of them revolved around his impressive Cube V3 tour. The new stage production which saw its debut at Ultra Music Festival, was overhauled by building two extra stages that were set to debut in his Europe and Asia tour. The tour was scheduled to make stops at some of the worlds most iconic venues, including The Brixton Academy in London. However, due to the worldwide lock-down, deadmau5 has been forced to reorganise his year, prioritising the virtual interaction with fans.

On another note, deadmau5 also revealed to fans his feelings on the worldwide quarantine, stating ‘I’ve been practising social distancing since 2004. I got this down’. You can read the full interview here.

Until the new album drops, take a trip down memory lane and relive W:/2016ALBUM/ – listen to the chart-topping hit Imaginery Friends below!

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