Dillon Francis – Money Sucks, Friends Rule


The road to Dillon Francis’ debut studio album has been a long journey. Money Sucks, Friends Rule has been slated with customary delays, a rigorous tour schedule, and select premieres from the album over the last year.

Not only is the wait over, but this is one album that will make your summer.

Leaving no genre untouched, the twelve track delight boasts a handful of notable collaborators that each bring their own unique sound to the table.

Money Sucks, Friends Rule kicks things off with the electro-bounce party starter “All That” featuring the fresh lyrics from legendary Chicago rapper Twista.

“Set Me Free” with Martin Garrix and “I Can’t Take It” blend the iconic Dillon Francis complextro sound with big room, which are guaranteed to be smashed at the festival main stages this summer.

“Get Low” with DJ Snake and “We Make It Bounce” with Major Lazer offer a similar big room vibe to aforementioned, yet they tend to move to the album’s heavier end of the spectrum. When it comes to heavier Dillon Francis music, stand out track “Not Butter” reflects on the early days of his career. Posting a preview of the track on instagram earlier this year, fans were left begging when can they get their hands on a copy. Thankfully the final version certainly delivers, prepare for face-melting bass.

“We Are Impossible” featuring The Presets and “Love In The Middle Of A Firefight” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, slow the tempo and channel a more progressive feel to which hasn’t been demonstrated by Dillon Francis before. Each of these progressive house tracks are laden with dance elements and infectious vocals from both singers.

While “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” offers its fare share of moombahton, trap and bass, it also features some seriously catchy summer pop anthems.

“When We Were Young” featuring The Chain Gang Of 1974 and closing track “Hurricane featuring Lily Elise, both offer uplifting melodies and lyrics that are sure to stick in your head.

What would a Dillon Francis album be without a touch of humour. Penultimate track “What’s That Spell?” featuring bounce master TJR, features a voice-over from one of Dillon’s recent gigs whereby he has the crowd spell “FUCK.” While the track displays Dillon’s touch of comedy, it also features a driving bass and synth which drops into a slowed bounce vibe.

After initial listens, you will easily understand why we’ve proclaimed this as one of the biggest releases of 2014 for many months. Job well done Dillon Francis; this album was well worth the wait!