Diplo confirms the new Major Lazer album is finished


While these are testing times with the wake of the COVID-19 (Coronovirus) Diplo has announced the highly anticipated upcoming Major Lazer album is finished.

With the superstar DJ pledging to provide nightly “Corona Sabbath” streams from his home, dance fans across the globe have tuned in to his nightlight performances to see the master at work. On Sunday March 21, Diplo is set to do a Major Lazer stream, during which it’s likely he’ll debut music from the dancehall-revival project’s newest album considering he confirmed the album is finished.

Rumours have started to circulate as to future of Major Lazer, with many speculating this album will be the last from the supergroup. As of now, it seems the live music industry is optimistic this COVID-19 crisis will subside, but unti it does, at least we have the help of Diplo and his streams to bring us positivity.