Duck Sauce – Quack


The long awaited album by Armand Van Helden and A-Trak aka Duck Sauce has finally dropped and after the first listen you can tell they want to revitalize the ‘funk’ in today’s EDM movement.

After five years of groovy funk-drenched hits, the quirky duo have gifted us with their highly sought-after debut LP, Quack. The famous duo of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak describe Duck Sauce as being ‘nothing serious’ and as the album provides high-quality productions and soul touching melodies; the presence throughout the LP is a fun and uplifting journey.

Quack delivers various types of electro house music and a bit of everything in between. Re-delivering some of their smash hits from over the years such as ‘Barbara Streisand’ and ‘It’s You’, the album serves up a diverse handful of music genres in their new material intermixed with skits and wild loops between those tracks.

Comprising of 12 tracks, Quack opens the flood gates on the perfect record upheld by singles. Each and every song has a unique quality that can easily be identified as a single worthy track, ready for airplay. Whether you’re listening to the ever popular ‘aNYway’ or the new funk-master ‘Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph’, each track delivers the highest quality in production and fun grooves that will leave you dancing in your shoes.

Quack will sit nicely on the disco-pop, funk loving palettes of dance junkies. The use of gut-wrenchingly hilarious skits between tracks help refresh our ears and are by far great and personalized part of Quack. The skits themselves range from Spanish-language radio shows, people obsessed with music comparisons, and prank calls to Chinese restaurants. Prepare yourselves for ridiculous antics.

Although hits make up a handful of the album, the remainder is squeezed into Doc Brown’s DeLorean, where A-Trak and Armand are heart-set on traveling back to the 80’s. ‘Radio Stereo’ brings 1982 to 2014 as its modernization of The Members’ ‘Radio’ impresses for what would be the best use of sampling if not for ‘Ring Me’.

There is no doubt this release was going to be a fun-loving dance release, but it is so much more. Although you can tell Quack will fit summer perfectly, you get a sense that this album will be a timeless release that will be listened to for years to come.