Interview: Brynny

OZ EDM Artist Interview - Brynny

The Melbourne Bounce scene has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, becoming a home grown Melbourne sound that has expanded into the international arena. All this international attention has made Melbourne an hotbed for artists, and the scene has nurtured a whole host of new talent.

Leading the pack is local boy Brynny, who has been responsible for some of the scene’s biggest productions. Just have a look at his Soundcloud account to see the impressive numbers he is clocking up (numbers that would’ve been higher if it wasn’t for Soundcloud’s strict policy which led to his original account being suspended).

He is a resident at Cloud Nine and whole host of other impressive nights, and this year he also became an international artist when he played his first overseas bookings. As he is getting geared up for the huge Sounds Like Summer New Year’s Day Street Party in Melbourne (alongside Will Sparks, Tigerlily and more), we were lucky enough to get some time with the young star during his busy schedule.

Hi Brynny, hope you’ve had a great year! Tell us about your 2015… what has been your highlights for this year? And what has been the lowlights?

My highlights this year would have to be all the traveling I’ve done! 
Two of my favourites would definitely have been the both times I’ve played Skygarden in Bali! it’s always such a crazy vibe there. And Glasgow of course. it’s so awesome to see people on the other side of earth that love your work, quite a great feeling!

You are a resident at Cloud Nine which is considered the spiritual home of bounce. It’s a pretty big honour! How did that residency come about? Were you a frequent visitor of Cloud Nine before you became a resident?

Cloud is my favourite, the vibes are unlike any other! Lots of great bounce tracks have made their name there and quite a few of mine have made their debut in that basement.

There has been some killer bootlegs this year coming from your studio (especially the FourFiveSeconds bootleg which clocked over 1,5 million soundcloud plays)! If aliens arrived in Australia today and asked you to play them 3 of your favorite bootlegs that you’ve produced, which bootlegs would you play them and why?

I would probably play my bootleg of Change, Love Story and Love yourself.

One look at your gig itinerary really shows how much your profile has grown this year. You also recently played your first show in Scotland… what was that like? How did the crowd react to your sound? Does it seem like Bounce is growing up there?

Scotland was crazy, people there LOVE bounce ! 
Almost as much as the people in Melbourne, and it’s definitely still on the rise.
Quite funny how some people consider the bounce to be dead, when its only kicking off in most places around the world, i mean, Snoop Dogg just released a bounce track.. Dead? i think not haha!

There has been a lot of interest in Soundcloud and their copyright laws of late. You in particular have had an ongoing battle with them taking down your bootlegs. What are your thoughts on the bootleg culture? Do you think Soundcloud should be taking down these bootlegs? Or do you think that they are overereacting and the bootlegs bring exposure to the artist who is featured in the bootlegs?

Soundcloud will always be an ongoing pain in my ass. 
I’ve had it all happen: Tracks removed, copyright strikes and even losing my whole account. I think in some sense they might over react a little, but at the end of the day they are mostly just abiding by the law. I think it’s fair enough to remove certain bootlegs/remixes, but to remove someone’s account and basically take away their body of work is a massive kick in the guts. I know that too well lol

Has an artist ever been in touch with you to support a bootleg that you have done of them?

Not in particular…. wouldn’t it be great if Justin Bieber hit me up for a colab though ?

You recently made a bootleg with the Teddy Cream boys of a Justin Bieber track which proved to be another huge success for you. Any other collaborations you can tell us about that is upcoming?

Yeah we were stoked with the statistics of that ! Unfortunately it got removed after only two days haha.. but in the short two days it clocked up over 200k plays. I’ve been working on a lot of solo works at the moment; lots of commercial sounding tunes, but they’re all top secret you could say…

The upcoming Sound Like Summer NYD street party in Melbourne looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – and it features a huge lineup too! What are you Top 5 picks in regards to DJ’s you have to see at this event?

I couldn’t list only five acts! There is just too many I will be sticking around for. Will Sparks obviously though will be the one I’m most eager to hear 🙂

And finally, what is your top 3 played tracks for 2015?

Combo! – Bill Durry
Jibbs, Crizzly & AFK – Chain Hang Low (Press Play bootleg)
Justin Bieber – Love yourself (Brynny x Teddy Cream bootleg)


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