Interview: Datsik


With numerous #1 Beatport releases, sell-out tours and a rapidly growing fan base, Canadian producer/DJ and Firepower label boss is heading to Australia and New Zealand next week for a string of headline club shows.

The purveyor of new bass hip-hop, Datsik recently took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about production, what’s in-store for 2016, his upcoming sold-out Australian tour and more!

Hi Troy how are you going today?

Amazing bro! Soaking in the rays!

I can actually see on Twitter that you are you in Hawaii at the moment? Are you playing there or just relaxing?

I’m here for my brothers wedding, so it’s a lot of drinking and living it up on the beach.. however I did bring my mobile studio with me and got my Universal Audio set up too so I’m happy!

Can you surf? Are there any other extracurricular activities that you do in your spare time that your fans might not be aware of?

Always been a snowboarder, never got into surfing BUT I did hit the skim board a bunch today on the beach. Haha that plus beers equals an epic day!

So you have had quite a few big hits lately including your collaboration with Snoop Dogg on Smoke Bomb. What’s been happening since? Any other big name collaborations in the works?

I’ve been working on a ton of collabs lately. Got a new one dropping with Travis Barker on this next EP. Super excited to release this I’ve been working on it for a while!

So when it comes to music, what came first for you,or what do you enjoy doing more: producing or DJing?

I fully enjoy producing more, however they compliment each other very nicely. Although traveling can get tiring, I appreciate what me and other Dj’s are able to do as a living to the max, and no career comes without some sort of peril haha. Can’t wait to travel to Australia again!

Do you write much of your music on the road, or is it all mostly composed in the studio?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Most of my favorite tracks of mine that I’ve made have been on a train thru Europe. There’s something about the non-stop changing atmosphere that breeds inspiration.

Can you give us a run through of your production setup? Any piece of equipment/plug-in that you cannot live without?

I’m an Ableton guy, however I’ve used almost every DAW under the sun. These days I can’t live without UAD plug ins. Mobile analog setup for the win, obviously combined with the favs, Massive and Serum. Also a big fan of FabFilter Saturn.

If you can give three tips to any up-and-coming producers who may be reading this, what would they be?

1. Follow your own path and be your own individual, imitation means you will almost always be second, especially copying someone else’s sound.

2. Learn some gear and stick with it and get good at it. Most of the time it’s not about what you use but about how you use it.. Get creative.

3. Learn to take criticism. It happens all over this scene, as well as haters. Take criticism like a champ and either apply it or don’t, but it’s about listening and thinking objectively. And fuck the haters. Learn to rise above that and you won’t waste as much time. And as they say, ‘if you have no haters you ain’t poppin’, so just do you!

You’ve played at some of the biggest events around the globe including EDC, Ultra and even Australia’s Stereosonic. How do these festivals differ from one another? Any standout festival moments that jumps to mind for you?

Honestly festival life is the best life. These all vary however it feels like I should mention how they share amazing similarities. Aus has next level energy and can’t be stopped, USA has massive and amazing crowds, ULTRA is loaded with beach vibes. They all rock but I can’t wait to be back in Aus.

What is your dream gig? Where will it be and who will be playing with you?

DJ on the moon ‘cuz reach for the stars haha

You have collaborated with Snoop Dogg which is pretty huge! Which artist is next on your wish list to collaborate with?

I still want to work with Wu-tang. Hopefully I can make that happen with at least one or more member before I die!

Who are three rising acts to watch out for in 2016?

Ephwurd, Zack the Lad, JVST SAY YES

Where do you see the electronic dance music scene in five years?

Taking over even more than it has, see you guys soon and can’t wait to party with you guys!!

DATSIK Tour Dates

FEB 18 Apple Bar – Adelaide Australia
FEB 19 Metro City – Perth Australia
FEB 20 Biscuit Factory – Brisbane Australia
FEB 21 Great Northern Hotel – Newcastle Australia
FEB 23 Hullaballoo – Dunedin, NZ
FEB 24 Hullaballoo – Christchurch, NZ
FEB 25 Hullaballoo – Auckland, NZ
FEB 26 La Di Da – Melbourne, Australia
FEB 27 Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia