Interview: Teddy Cream


One of the buzz acts in Melbourne at the moment is the exciting duo of Teddy Cream. Signed to That Sound Agency, they’ve managed to rise to the top in no time. Their fun and infectious sets are comparable to their very entertaining and active social media pages which have garnered them many followers. Production-wise they are absolutely killing it, for example a recent Justin Bieber bootleg collaboration with their stable mate Brynny has received well over a million plays to date. On the verge of their first international tour to the UK, we caught up with Teddy Cream for a quick chat about everything from brand development to Triple J Unearthed…

First off, So how would you describe the music that you play to readers who haven’t heard your sets as yet?

Thanks for having us, it’s a pleasure. We would describe the music we play as a mixture of new and old pop songs mixed with Melbourne Bounce. Almost every song in our sets has vocals, we feel tracks people can sing along too work best for us.

You really are quite popular in the local Melbourne scene, but you have also been touring nationally of late. How do you find the interstate gigs compared to the local Melbourne events? What city would you say is the closest to Melbourne in terms of the response that you get?

We’ve been playing interstate almost every week for a while now. Interstate gigs are awesome because a lot of the time fans come to see us play, whereas in Melbourne, a lot of people are usually loyal to their clubs and will attend regardless of who’s playing. The city that we would say is closet to Melbourne in terms of the response we get would without doubt be Adelaide. We have quite a large following there, and tend to play two shows a month there at the moment. We’ve got a few shows coming up at HQ which is really exciting.

You are signed to That Sound Agency. Tell us a bit more about how that came about and also what it means to be signed to an agency? Is signing to an agency something that you would recommend to any aspiring producer/DJs?

Signing to TSA was probably the best thing we’ve done, they’ve been great to us and given us so many opportunities. We would definitely recommend aspiring producers and DJs to sign to an agency if the right opportunity comes along. You should always do your research before signing to anyone though, make sure their services will benefit you.

You are stuck in a room with 3 acts from the That Sound Agency roster: Duane Bartolo, Brynny and Press Play. Produce music with/marry/help escape from the room…. Who would you choose to do what with?

Produce with – Brynny (the success of our last collab speaks for itself)
Marry – Press Play (because he’s hilarious, and quite the charmer)
Help escape from the room – Duane Bartolo (because he’s a psycho)

One look at you social media really paints a picture as you have some a very impressive following across all platforms. How big of a role do you think social media has played in your career? Did you guys do any courses in social media or is it something that just came naturally to you as artists?

97.5% of our success has come from social media, it’s really important to keep your socials up. Building a brand for yourself is crucial in this industry. If there’s any advice we can give, it’s to take advantage of your social media. Don’t settle for being known as just another DJ, work on transforming your passion into a business.

Your soundcloud is filled with a lot of interesting bootlegs! What really struck me is the bootlegs of very popular and mainstream artists like Miley Cyrus, Adele and Justin Bieber. Do you listen to those artists on your spare time? If not how do you guys decide which track to bootleg?

We want to make crowd pleasers that are super catchy and get good reactions. We do listen to a bit of everything in our spare time really, we love all sorts of music.
One of your podcasts on your soundcloud page has over 846 000 plays! Wow! Do you guys ever look at those numbers and wonder why the hell aren’t we traveling the world?! Ha!
The stats on the podcast was amazing, but yes it’s all starting to come together now. We just recently traveled to play in South Korea and Indonesia a few times, and have a UK tour coming up in April which we are so excited for.

Where do you see the Melbourne Bounce scene in 10 years time? How do you see it evolving?

The Melbourne Bounce scene is constantly evolving. We believe it’s limitless, as a new “style” of Melbourne Bounce comes a long all the time!

Not sure if you guys are aware of it but you still have a Triple J Unearthed page. Are you still waiting to be unearthed? ; ) Considering how big the Melbourne Bounce scene is do you think that there should be more representation on the national broadcaster for Melbourne Bounce acts?

We made that back early in 2010 haha. Our music doesn’t really suit Triple J anymore though to be honest, but we still love listening to Unearthed artists.

Do you have any upcoming releases that you would like to tell us about?

We have an original coming out very soon that we’ve been working very hard on, it’s a bit different to our usual stuff but our fans will appreciate the creativity.

And finally, it’s 20 years in the future and Teddy Cream has achieved everything from winning Grammy’s to selling Madison Square Garden in New York. You decide to go your own way. What is next for Vincent and Brandon?

If that’s the case ….

Vincent – Probably retired living in the Hollywood Hills
Brandon – I will succeed Hugh Hefner in the Playboy mansion