Gareth Emery – Drive


EDM sensation Gareth Emery is back with his new sophomore studio album Drive, his first in four years.

As the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut album Northern Lights, Emery set the bar high and once again has delivered a release worthy of any festival or nightclub dance floor.

Beginning the album in true Emery fashion, ‘Entrada’ starts the album off as a winding synth-led, booming club track that’s totally indicative of Emery’s style as a producer. The melody, percussion and intensity blend perfectly together and it’s a track that not only shows his production ability, but gives us a track that we know won’t be forgotten in live performances.

The one and only Christina Novelli features on the following track ‘Dynamite’, reminding us how well the two work together. ‘Dynamite’ seems to be the next in line as a big single with its empowering vocals, euphoric synths and rolling piano stabs.

‘Million Year’s could definitely be considered a future radio hit as its huge drop and high flying synth meoldy sit well with the impeccable vocals. ‘

Featuring a roster of guest appearances from Krewella, Bo Bruce, Asia Whitacre and more, its fair to say that Emery sure has catered for a vast range of listeners with this album. Whether you are a trance fan, a pop-edm fan, or even a progressive die-hard; Emery has you covered.

Many musicians don’t seem to follow the strategy of saving the best for last, but boy is this the case here.

‘Long Way Home’ isn’t just Gareth’s self-proclaimed favorite track of the album, it’s the one that tells the story of Drive the most clearly. This track is a real musical journey. The high-quality production is soulful, nostalgic, memorable and indicative of the open road that inspired the album.

Whether you’re traveling, working, partying or relaxing, Drive can be enjoyed no matter what the occasion; making this release one of the best releases of 2014.