Golden Features – XXIV EP


Things just keep getting bigger and better for Sydney producer Golden Features.

The producer arguably most known for his genre-bending signature sound (apart from his Mask), has seen him gain support from the likes of Porter Robinson, Bixel Boys, What So Not and more.

Hot off the back of his self titled debut EP, the rising star returns with his latest release; “XXIV” EP.

The four track EP offers nothing short of amazing production and originality and genuinely is something for dance fans to get excited about.

Opening track “Baxter” delivers infectious, heavy and dark tones to perfectly start the EP. “No One” featuring Thelma Plum brings a range of gloomy synths and echoic sounds that form a well-composed track. “No One” could be considered the track most tailored to gain commercial success on the EP, given the catchy female vocals and chorus however this song is still a far cry from the mainstream pop EDM.

Arguably the most surprising track on the EP, “Telescope” offers a somewhat new style of what we have come to expect from Golden Features. Showing light elements of trap, Telescope’s upbeat tempo is less dark than the rest of the tracks. Once again vocals are dominant but unlike “No One”, it features intriguing RnB style vocals from female rapper K Flay.

The final track “Do You” closes the EP with possibly the darkest vibes on the record. The track delivers a pulsating electro build-up that reaches its climax before a face melting fat bass drop. This is sure to be a club thumper to listen out for.

Golden Features is exactly what the Australian EDM scene needs. XXIV is an all-round fresh spin on the current deep house scene. XXIV will leave you searching for the next Golden Features show in your area.