Kaskade – Atmosphere


42-year-old DJ-producer Ryan Raddon is a dance music veteran in an EDM moment rampant with raging converts and a mentor on a traditionally drug-fueled scene.

Earlier this week, the man known professionally known as Kaskade, released his tenth studio album: Atmosphere.

As an album, Atmosphere is both a total mixture of Kaskade’s roots and future direction. Take Your Mind Off and Missing You embody the classic Kaskade vocal deep house roots, while LAX to JFK and MIA to LAS and SFO to ORD take it even deeper and drop vocals completely; touching on cinematic elements with ominously plucking string sections.

The album’s standout is no doubt title track and lead single “Atmopshere” as it provides a vocal progressive house anthem ready for the radio, the mainstage, and your mothers iPod.

Kaskade’s productions, performance, songwriting, and emotion radiates through out the album and it’s the exact optimism and leadership that have made him an American dance music legend.

Although some of the most succesful dance music releases have at times lacked substance, Kaskade’s Atmosphere proves that commercial and critical success are not mutually exclusive. The music is stellar, but it’s the heart and soul that makes this release truly special.