Major Lazer – Free the Universe


One of the most anticipated albums of the past two years, Free The Universe from Major Lazer landed in Australia this week.

The hype surrounding this release after the breakthrough success of 2009’s Gun’s Dont Kill People, Lazers Do had solo head of the group, Diplo working hard to not only further their sound but produce an album that would top their previous release. A challenge that was met and resulted in one of the best releases of 2013.

This latest release sees Major Lazer taking a step away from the classical reggae format that hosted the core of their sound in their debut LP. Though still largely lyric based and diverse as ever, you can really hear (to no real surprise) Diplo leading the collective this time around with a more dance music orientated sound.

Listening to Free The Universe as a whole feels like accidentally tuning in to a great pirate radio station. It’s eclectic, but the linking thread is insistent dancehall beats and a sense of colourful fun. It’s not an album to sit around and ponder the lyrics of (if you can find hidden meaning in ‘Bubble Butt’, please do write in), it’s just an hour of instant sunshine.

Whether you are having a few friends around for an evening of drinks or you are twerking in a club, Free the Universe is the perfect soundtrack to a good night.