Markus Schulz – Scream 2


Markus Schulz has found the time to release the follow up artist album Scream 2. Somehow, inbetween the marathon sets, acting as a label head and constant travel, Markus has delivered a solid album that he should be proud of.

This album, like Scream (previous release) delves into the more melodic side of his sound, but thankfully injects much bigger and trancier melodies than before. After the first listen, the vocals and overall production can certainly be appreciated.

Now Schulz is know for his darker tunes that send you down a spiral of feelings and on this album he certainly takes you down that same path. Tunes like ‘Destino’, ‘In The Shadows’ and ‘Remember This’ capture you completely and certainly send you into a state of trance, whilst tracks like ‘Revolution’ and ‘Fireworks’ pull you back to reality with their euphoric cheerful melodies.

‘Reflection’ features a basic sounding melody, although most sound big and bold, they are all festival-ready tracks.

We often see trance tracks with meaningless or cheesy lyrics, but ‘Blown Away’ touches on the subject of cocaine addiction and the struggle users face dealing with it.

Once again, Markus Schulz has opened up and let us into his world with Scream 2. Listening to this album will have you looking forward to experiencing some of these tracks at the upcoming shows and festivals.