Nissan Offers Deadmau5 A Nyan Cat Themed GTR


Last week, Deadmau5 broke the news that Ferrari had sent Deadmau5 a cease and desist in regards to his “Purrari.”

The back story, in case you’re curious: Canadian electronic artist Deadmau5 wrapped a 458 Italia in a ridiculous Nyan Cat theme (complete with license plate EPICLULZ) for the Gumball 3000 rally. With the car drawing attention from car enthusiasts across the globe, Ferrari sent him a cease-and-desist letter over the custom emblems, which said “Purrari.” Deadmau5 has since unwrapped it because he sold the car and replaced it with a McLaren 650S Spider.

When one door closes, another one opens and today, Nissan has proved that this was their time to shine.

While it appears Ferrari have forgotten speed and insane horsepower are supposed to be fun, Nissan certainly haven’t!

After Ferrari’s well-publicized freakout over Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat 458 Italia, Nissan have designed a GT-R with the wrap so he has something to replace it with.