Porter Robinson Drops New Single ‘Get Your Wish’

Almost six years after the release of his groundbreaking debut album Worlds, Porter Robinson has announced a new studio album and has also dropped the first single off it ‘Get Your Wish.’

Taking to Twitter, Porter explains the new track is about finding a reason to keep pushing forward and to carry on even when times are tough. He opens up about his struggles with the music world between 2015-early 2017 and wondered if it was worth trying anymore. Eventually, he started to get his groove back and push forward enough to start creating things that he was happy with again and this resulted in the music that we’re going to be hearing from him this year. He finishes off his mini statement with the powerful line “Making music started to make me happy again.”, and it’s inspiring to know that even the best of the best can go through rough patches creatively. You can read the full post here.

While ‘Get your Wish’ is different from any other track he’s released, it also stays true to his iconic signature sound. The vocoder makes it seem like someone else is singing, but it’s Porter himself singing through artificial effects to pitch up his voice, an interesting creative choice that elevates the song even further. The piano-like synths that are a Porter Robinson staple ties back to his older work whilst also telling us that this a completely different era of his music, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store on the new album Nuture.

If the new music wasn’t enough, he treated fans to an official music video. Working closely with Samuel Burgess-Johnson (who is heavily involved with creative direction for The 1975) for extra creative direction, it’s arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing music videos from an electronic artist.

Watch the music video for ‘Get your Wish’, the first single off the second studio album Nurture below.

YouTube video