Porter Robison – Nurture


Seven years since his debut LP Worlds, Porter Robison returns with his sophomore studio album Nurture.

Swapping out the beats of his EDM years for instrumental-led intimacy, Porter Robinson’s Nurture embraces an arty, atmospheric and vocal focused package which is sure to please existing fans and bring in a new wave of fans from the worlds of indie and electronica.

Given that Porter Robinson overcame an intense period of depression and anxiety following his stratospheric rise to festival-headlining, world-touring status at just 18 years old, it’s fitting that Nurture carries an immediate sense of renewal.

Nurture is largely infused with Robinson’s love of J-Pop and Japanese culture. The album opener is gentle, with strings that will tie your heart in knots – and is sprinkled with nostalgia. But make no mistake this release is no stranger to sky-toppling drops. “Look At The Sky” is an infectious, melodramatic banger where Robinson marvels at his ability to live on against the odds. From the starting gun, Nurture is a gulp of much-needed sunshine, with its gaze fixed on the better days to come.

At first listen one can agree it’s the vocals that prove most interesting on this sophomore release. Robinson’s voice, avoiding EDM’s hollow cliches, brings depth and offers a true glimpse into his mind.

Experimentation is certainly Nuture‘s foundation. From the flurry of insistent, LCD Soundsystem-type piano and broken vocals on six-minute odyssey “Wind Tempos”, to the key-mashing of “Dullscythe” that makes you feel like you’re falling through the matrix backwards. The sound design of Nurture comes with a bag of tricks to keep listeners on their toes and there are few songs which radically diverge from this wide-eyed synthetic vibe. ‘Get Your Wish’, ‘Unfold’, ‘Muscian,’ ‘Something Comforting’ and ‘Mirror’ are standout tracks which will leave you reminiscent of the days before COVID; being able to enjoy summer music festivals with friends.

While Nurture may feel disordered, it’s a perfect blend of chaos and warm, uplifting tracks that come with passion – and that is a sound Porter Robinson has more than earned the right to explore. Seven years since Worlds, we can comfortably say welcome back Porter!


1. Lifelike
2. Look at the Sky
3. Get Your Wish
4. Wind Tempos
5. Musician
6. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
7. Mother
8. Dullscythe
9. Sweet Time
10. Mirror
11. Something Comforting
12. Blossom
13. Unfold” (with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
14. Trying to Feel Alive