Protoculture – Music Is More Than Mathematics


After taking interest in music from a young age, Nate Raubenheimer’s technical background is in sound engineering. Like many other producers with that background, it has brought him to a place of organic music, reminiscent of the anthropological name he’s taken on as an artist: Protoculture.

These days there aren’t many artists that get a chance to brand the music that comes out of their country, especially within dance music. The Dutch and the Swedish very much dominate with a pretty clear collective global voice.

You could say that South African born Nate Raubenheimer is a lucky man in the fact that he gets to bring his country’s music to the forefront of the world.

After countless hits on Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance radio show, Protoculture has finally released his latest artist album entitled Music Is More Than Mathematics.

Blending a vast ranges of melodies and atmospheres, the release ventures through progressive house and trance coming from a sophisticated view; which seems to encompass a lifelong personal exploration of music.

The release also feature’s collaborations with Max Graham, Christian Burns and many others that all offer a unique experience with each listen.

Although each track delivers its own unique journey to the listener, it is the title track that really showcases the range of technicality Raubenheimer has to offer.

Music Is More Than Mathematics Tracklist:

  1. Across An Ocean Of Stars (Intro)
  2. Vertigo (Protoculture Feat. Ilana)
  3. Talisman
  4. Rush Of Life (Protoculture & Johnny Yono Feat. Lynn Olsen)
  5. I Found Love
  6. Knife Games (Throwing Daggers) (Protoculture & Christian Burns)
  7. Axiom (Protoculture & Max Graham)
  8. Laguna
  9. Super Collider
  10. Northern Lights (Protoculture & Shane Halcon With Jennifer Rene)
  11. Challenger
  12. Annapurna
  13. Burning Bridges (Protoculture Feat. Tricia Mcteague)
  14. Music Is More Than Mathematics
  15. Life Signs (Outro)

Protoculture’s new artist album Music Is More Than Mathematics is out now on Armada Music, you can purchase it from iTunes here.