Seven Lions – Worlds Apart EP


Jeff Montalvo’s Seven Lions concept has become one of the most fascinating and artistic endeavours in today’s EDM scene. Arising out of Gene Wolf fantasy worlds and a passionate love for metal bands like Opeth and Porcupine Tree, Seven Lions takes the listener on a musical journey far beyond this world.

It was Jeff’s Polarize and Days To Come EP’s that first drew our attention to the rising star and then who could forget the blissful remixes of Above & Beyond’s ‘You Got To Go’ and ‘On My Way To Heaven’.

Returning for just his third EP, Worlds Apart is the natural progression in Seven Lion’s line of productions. Having flirted with more vocal-driven material in his past work, Worlds Apart EP is just that: lush bass music perfectly sculpted around engaging female vocalists. Montalvo’s addiction for blending trance themes with dubstep foundations shine throughout the entire listen, from Don’t Leave (feat. Ellie Goulding) to Strangers (feat. Myon and Shane 54 & Tove Lo); each track will have you hooked at first listen.

Instrumental track ‘Nepenthe’ offers plenty for your ears to discover, with plenty of breathtaking sound design, wondrous atmospherics, and a visible metal-influence, the track feels like the perfect emanation of the Seven Lions concept.

Jeff Montalvo has certainly harnessed the perfect blend of electronic and the heavier metal genres, much similar to artists like Bassnectar and ShockOne.

Closing out the Worlds Apart EP are the ever-popular, fan-favorite ‘Strangers’ and haunting track ‘Keep It Close’. Alongside Myon Shane & 54 and Tove Lo, ‘Stranger’ has gotten a more melodic reimagining, whilst vocalist Kerli joins Montalvo again for ‘Keep It Close’; a powerful collaboration built around a chilling progression and roaring bass.

Every release by Seven Lions seems to offer something new and exciting. Great release!

Listen to the full Worlds Apart EP below.

Worlds Apart EP Tracklist

  1. Don’t Leave (feat. Ellie Goulding)
  2. Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli)
  3. Nepenthe
  4. Strangers (feat. Myon And Shane 54 And Tove Lo)
  5. Keep It Close (feat. Kerli)