Skrillex – Recess


After what was almost three years of waiting, the ever-controversial and inspiring musician Sonny Moore aka Skrillex has released his first full-length studio album.

Skrillex has been labelled ‘the most hated man in dubstep’ by some and praised as a ‘dubstep god’ by others. Love him or hate him, you know this man’s hard work on his own productions personal label OWSLA is nothing short of amazing.

If you have been following Sonny since his rise to fame, then there’s a high chance you’ve engaged in some sort of debate over his work. This controversy seems partly what led to such a long delay for the album, along with his creative side projects Jack U and Dog Blood.

After the first listen, it is evident this album is a genre-crossing experiment with a huge catalogue of artists on board to help out.

The man has used his influence in the music industry to work with musicians from all types of genres, not just solely other electronic producers. It is evident he has decided to expand his own musical capabilities and to broaden his music to a larger audience.

Standout tacks ‘Stranger’, ‘All Is Fair In Love And Brostep’ – featuring The Ragga Twins, ‘Dirty Vibe’ – featuring Diplo all deliver the iconic Skrillex sound that are quite similar to his previous releases.

It’s the tracks ‘Coast Is Clear’ featuring Chance The Rapper and ‘Fire Away’ that deliver a high quality production that strays from the general path Skillex has followed in the past.

Generally speaking, when a musician makes an album, there should be a connection between all the songs; a transition from one track to the next that shows the musician’s thoughts. Recess however seems like an attempt to please a wide variety of fans, using as many collaborations as possible. This is great, but there is no flow throughout the album. Each song is extremely well produced and definitely show Skrillex’s talent but in regards to album flow, its all over the place.

After waiting several years for this album, you will more than likely come away with mixed feelings. When artists steer away from their sound, it is often a disappointment to their fans. Sonny has found the equal balance of pushing the boundaries of new sounds, yet still retaining the classic Skrillex roots he is most loved for.