Skrillex Releases Disturbing Video To “Doompy Poomp”


Dubbed as one of 2014’s most anticipated albums, Recess by Skrillex received very mixed reviews. Some saying that he should stick with the dubstep sound and others saying that they admired him for stepping out of his “comfort zone.”

Still, however, some tracks were downright strange – like “Doompy Poomp.”

As you probably would have guessed, the video is even stranger.

As far as videos go, you can either tell a story or just present little video snippets throughout the length of the track. It’s nice to see that electronic music is starting to move toward the former, though we’re still not sure how to tell a story when there aren’t any lyrics. Read the description below and then be sure to watch the video, because the description honestly doesn’t do it justice.

As a special Groundhog Day treat, Skrillex has teamed up with The Creators Project for the collaborative video of his unclassifiable song “Doompy Poomp” off his Recess album. The video was made by imaginative French directors Fleur & Manu and follows a man’s attempt at getting a home loan, but quickly escalates into a hilarious and repetitive alter dimension.