The Aston Shuffle – Photographs


For quite some time, we have been patiently waiting for a follow up release to 2011’s Seventeen Past Midnight and boy was it worth the wait. Canberra based house music duo The Aston Shuffle have finally released the highly anticipated Photographs, an eleven track album that is sure to get you up off your seat and up dancing.

After the duo previews ‘Can’t Stop Now’ (almost 1.5 years ago) and the release of their stellar single ‘Tear it Down’, the Aston Shuffle were turning heads throughout Australia and overseas and had fans itching for the rest of the new album.

Opening the album with ‘Tear It Down’ with its lush opening, 80’s synths and amazing drops, the album immediately sends you into good mood and ready to embrace what other great treats The Aston Shuffle have in store for you.

Tracks like ‘Never Take It Away’, ‘Restart’ and ‘Sunrise (Tommy Trash Version)’ pick up the pace and see a more EDM, heart pounding side to the Aston Shuffle that what we have seen before. All three have just the right amount of drive and no doubt will go down a treat live at clubs and festivals.

In true Aston Shuffle spirit, the duo have produced an album the encompasses both sides of EDM, the uplifting ready-to-rage side and the more subtle soulful-groove side they are most noted for.

‘Comfortable’ and ‘Back & Forth’ see the classic style of The Aston Shuffle we are most familiar with, with the funky mix of 80’s synths and stabs that accommodate soothing vocals.

Where the album starts to take a turn is though the track ‘Astronaut’. Here we see the duo take a different approach to electro-dance music. Running with more of an RnB groove, it ties in perfectly into other tracks on the album with Joel Compass nailing the vocals on lead vocals.

One thing The Aston Shuffle have nailed with Photographs is the choice of vocalists. From start to finish, every song seems to have the perfect match of vocals and groove that each bring something unique to the album.

Photographs is an extraordinary follow up to their debut studio release Seventeen Past Midnight. It has all the signature Aston Shuffle sounds we’ve come to know and love over the past few years, as well as bringing something new to the table to treat fans to something special. This record is very diverse and not your ordinary and predictable electro-dance studio release.