The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality


The Glitch Mob are back and ready to redefine music and shock fans with a completely new album.

It seems strange to think that this group released their first debut album only a shy four years ago. The Glitch Mob originally designed their first album, Drink The Sea to be heard on a personal level, an introverted compilation of tracks intended to be listened to on your ipod or personal music device. Once the group were on tour, they started creating tracks to be heard on massive sound systems or festivals, assembling with the record Love Death Immortality.

The most interesting thing to see is the direction The Glitch Mob plans to head. The trio have fully engaged themselves on a massive tour with already forty dates scheduled for the start of 2014 including a live experience at Ultra Music Fesitval in Miami and back-to-back weekend performances at Coachella.

It is evident that the first track, ‘Mind Of A Beast’ has the most similarities to the classic sounds of The Glitch Mob. The track maintains the signature energetic structure that was so apparent in their first release as it starts on a exploding 140 bpm that spontaneously changess pace, giving the listener an interesting start to the full ten track album.

Making a change of sound to an aggressive, darker tone, ‘Becoming Harmonious’ features Metal Mother as the female vocalist who turns the whole track into a slow paced eerie mix of sound. This style clearly worked well for the group as they found a way to incorporate a different voice that sounds almost seductive.

Quite a lot of the tracks throughout the album are just too detailed and complex for just dance music, instead they fuse a blend of different sub-genres to make what you could only describe as fascinating.

Love Death Immortality has done surprisingly well in not only Beatport and iTunes, but the Arial and billboard charts ranking number one in independently released, electronic, and dance categories. Achieving such a significant spot could only be accomplished with a loyal audience. From the new technology that is going behind their live performances to their hard-hitting follow-up LP, this musical trio is certainly creative enough to make their own successful path in today’s EDM industry.