The Moments Leading Up To Festival Season, Described In GIFs


The first big announcement doesn’t include a lineup….


We’re going to move heaven and earth to fit your festival into our schedule so do the dates and city locations really even matter? When festivals announce the dates and prices, it’s very much an announcement about an announcement. There’s some psychology going on because even though we don’t care… subconsciously it makes you crave the lineup even more!

Then the lineup drops and it features your favorite DJ.


F*ck yeaaaaaah!!!! My favorite DJ is playing my favourite festival and all of my best friends are coming with me. This miserable, cold, winter weather is going to be over and it’s time to party!

Nothing is more satisfying than making predictions with your friends on who’s going to play at your favorite festival and then are listed on the bill. Not only are you going to catch an incredible set, but you get bragging rights.

The festival screws all plans you made when they release their second lineup.


No… it can’t be real??? All of those DJ on at the same time? Nearly every single headliner in the world playing at this festival, I NEED to go more than one weekend! You try and calm down… except you can’t because the lineup is overwhelming.

The haters say, “blah blah blah that festival is so mainstream now and filled with Zyzz wannabes.” Well stay the f*ck home because the zyzz wannabes are having the time of their lives just like everyone else, haters gonna hate.

You’re buying tickets when all of a sudden… SERVICE FEES!!!


Yeah… you’re mad, but that’s not going to stop you from buying a ticket. You will give the computer a stare of death and if you’re a real asshole you’ll go on the festival Facebook page and whine about it.

The truth is that even those annoying service fees are not going to stop you a weekend of madness. Don’t be the person who forgets to buy their tickets, everyone has theirs and you have to spend way more in the long term off a scalper.

You make the mistake of looking at your bank account…


You purcahsed your tickets, after-party tickets (because the festival isn’t enough), festival supplies, new clothes and book accommodation. You’ve gotta be fresh and have an awesome outfit every single day… that shit is 100% mandatory. Festivals are a time to be outrageous and fabulous where people don’t judge you. You look at your bank account once all is sorted and you feel like death but inside, you can’t wait to live it up!

When one of your friends volunteers to drive.


One of your friends hasn’t ever been to a festival before and because they’re so excited they volunteer. Rookie mistake. On the way to the festival you’re probably carrying enough to spend on your next holiday. Navigating is a lot easier than driving, just avoid sitting in the back seat because it’s never comfortable.

Coming back you’re going to reek of alcohol, fast food and sexual tension. The car you took will come back as a frat house on wheels. Plus you can sleep the whole time and not drive.

To speed up time, you pretend that you’re already there.


When you’re finally prepared with your hotel booked, outfits planned, party in check… it’s like time slows down. You check your calendar every couple of days and that smile on your face grows bigger every day you get closer. You can already imagine what a great time you and your friends will be having.

You listen to all the artists you plan to see over and over again.


To get you super pumped for the festival you religiously listen to the artists every day. Whether it’s their back-catalogue of albums and singles on your computer or smashing their previous DJ sets at work and in the gym, you can’t wait to hear the songs you’ve just listened to 50 times, live on the day.

It’s the day of the festival and you’re bouncing off the walls with excitement.


You wake up and your body is ready. Any hangover or sickness is instantly gone as your mind is only set on one thing; partying hard with your friends. You crack an alcoholic drink, down it for breakfast and hook up your iPod in your room to get you even more in the mood.

You leave early to make sure you get there when the gates open and you are as excitement levels are like a kid on Christmas day.