10 Iconic Stage Productions in the History of Dance Music


Live music is about connection. Rhythms that resemble the beat of a heart. Visual and audible stimulation that we remind us we are alive.

The communal experience of live music relies on a sense of intimacy between artist and audience. But, how do artists achieve this in often large spaces? How do you heighten and redefine the concert experience? And, in the digital age, how and when do you embrace technology? When do you reject it? These are the questions facing today’s top stage designers.

With electronic music at the forefront of stage production, we take a look at the history of dance music and a closer look at the artists embracing technology to create iconic stage productions.


The Giant Head

While Tim Bergling is no longer with us, his music and tales of his shows will live on forever.

From rising up the ranks of the dance charts to conquering the world with his infectious music, there’s no question that Avicii‘s production was also top notch.

Avicii‘s 2012 LE7ELS tour saw the Swedish superstar unveil a new stage show dubbed “Giant Head”. The setup was to reflect what Tim described an “organic experience” a giant head with mapped visualizations that integrate with the live mix.

The head which stood 17.5 foot tall was constructed by renowned stage designer Alex Reardon and covered in Screen Goo; which then allowed a perfect mapping service for the visualisations. PRG Scenic was then brought in to add the finishing touches and finish the integration with the visuals, the same guys behind the works of The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga.