5 Acts You Can’t Miss At Festival X




Turning heads quickly, Godlands is the product of old school sounds meeting new school methods. A forerunner of the new wave of Australian electronic music, this young upstart has the enviable ability to transform beats into heaving club anthems, with a festival-ready steeze that’ll test even the best systems.

Godland has seen a string of successes with “Hit Em Like This”, “Back Now”, “Lowkey” and most recently, “Hellraiser”.

Existing at the junction of music and fashion, Godlands is your girl’s crush, whose constant ambition to push the needle sees her effortlessly apply a cavalier vogue to her production, performance and aesthetic. A veteran of clubs and festival stages alike, her unique sound design and dexterous sets are as unmissable as they are unpredictable. Get used to this future legend, because the Godlands era has only just begun. Don’t miss this rising star smash the stage at Festival X and expect a big crowd!

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