After 25 Years, Orbital Call It A Day


After an astounding 25 years, electronic duo Orbital are “hanging up their iconic torch-glasses and parting ways for the final time.”

Phil and Paul Hartnoll took to their website this morning to post an official statement regarding their choice to retire the Orbital act once and for all.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, and it’s not always been easy, but I’ve loved my time with Orbital,” says Paul in the note. “But nothing lasts forever and it’s time to stop.”

The English electronic duo were originally inspired by he orbital motorway central to the UK’s early days of rave.

Helping guide the way of electronic music with a legendary headlining performance at Glastonbury 1994, they were also active in recording and touring right up until a four year break from 2004-2008. In 2009, they returned with a 20-year anniversary tour and live performances at RockNess and The Big Chill.

After an astonishing nine albums and worldwide gigs, Orbital have come full-circle as Phil and Paul embark on separate ventures. “I’ve now got my own new project, ‘8:58’ which I’m really excited about,” says Paul in the statement. “It’s a continuation of my work from the past 25 years but with a new vitality taking me on to something fresh.”

Phil says, “Orbital has been fantastic, but like the Bond movie: ‘Never Say Never Again’.” Read Orbital’s entire statement here.