Cercle Introduce 360° Concert Series with Immersive “Odyssey” Concept

Cercle Introduce 360° Concert Series with Immersive "Odyssey" Concept - OZ EDM

Cercle Odyssey to Offer a No-Phone Experience for Deeper Audience Connection

The esteemed Parisian production company and event organizer, Cercle, is set to unveil an innovative concert series under the title “Cercle Odyssey.”

Imagine entering a vast concert arena where you are encircled by enormous screens. These screens, towering up to 40 feet high and stretching as far as 180 feet, envelop the audience with high-definition visuals that harmonize seamlessly with the music. This setup is designed to make attendees feel as though they are part of the performance, rather than mere spectators.

To enhance audience engagement and foster genuine connections, Cercle Odyssey will implement a strict no-phone policy. This decision aligns with a growing movement within the electronic dance music community, where many prominent artists and organizations are advocating for increased presence and interaction during live events.

Scheduled to debut in 2025, Cercle Odyssey aims to bring its unique, immersive experience to dance music enthusiasts worldwide. According to Billboard, this 360° spectacle promises to draw fans closer to the distinctive experiences that Cercle is known for offering.

“My current obsession is to create the shortest connection between the music played by the artist, the video narrative that we will present live on the screens, and the audience’s emotions,” said Derek Barbolla, Founder of Cercle. “I want to connect these three things together at the deepest level and I believe this is still underdeveloped in the entertainment industry. If, by the end of a Cercle Odyssey show, I see people on the dance floor literally moved to tears, then I will consider it a success.”

For more information about Cercle Odyssey, watch the video below.