Chemical Brothers Announce New Album For 2015


Electronic music pioneers and long time dance music favourites The Chemical Brothers have finally announced a new album expected to be released in 2015.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, the duo mentioned their first full length album in 5 years doesn’t have a title yet, but that won’t stop the world from undeniable anticipation. Tom Rowland had this to say to fans about what this album means to them:

“The most important feature of the album is that it connects with us emotionally in some way. We hope for finding a new way to make you feel.”

The album announcement comes with the highly anticipated performance at next year’s Sónar Barcelona festival. Rowland touts the new live show as an “intense ride”:

“We dream of new sounds and different frames, both music and visual. We hope to amaze ourselves.”

The festival performance show will be the first since 2011, with more dates have been planned in Poland and Germany.