Dillon Francis – This Mixtape Is Fire


The wait is finally over. Dillon Francis’ new EP This Mixtape Is Fire has finally arrived.

The Los Angeles producer, most known for his chart-topping hit “Get Low,” with DJ Snake, delivers a new EP that’s very much “all over the place”. Yet that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this EP brings a ton of unique styles with each track.

Teaming up with the likes of Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Kygo Bro Safari and Skrillex allows a Francis to take his listeners on a roller coaster of emotions.

“Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)” employs the vigorous dubstep synths and heavy drops we have come to love from Dillon Francis making it a great explosive opening track.

“What’s Your Name” see’s Dillon Francis collaborate with none other than Calvin Harris; and the end result is nothing short of powerful. The heart pounding drops that Francis has seemed to perfected serve as the release from Calvin Harris’ infectious and pop-like breakdowns.

A producer known for pushing the boundaries, Skrillex, joins the roster of artists to collabroate on the new EP and “Bun Up the Dance” is nothing short of an aggressive, dancehall-inspired moombahton gem. The drum rhythms and sweeping sirens at a groovy 108 beats per minute will see this truck certainly cop a flogging in your local clubs in the near future.

While it’s had less hype than other collaborations on the EP, “Pull It” by Dillon Francis and Bro Safari is one of the standout tracks of the record. The feisty fusion of electro house and steamy reggae features a battery of distorted samples and horns to make this a dance floor-ready selection.

Austrian singer-songwriter James Hersey’s gentle verses on “Coming Over” offer a nice alternative to the bass-filled EP. Although it may see out of sorts with the rest of the collection, its tranquil melody, carried by James Hersey’s vocals, make it a catchy and soothing track.

Continuing on from “Coming Over”, a collaboration with Chromeo see’s a compelling and spacious effort on “Lies”. While the track only clocks in at just over two minutes, the soothing vocals and interlude-like melody make this one of our favourites on the EP – just don’t look for a drop on this track.

Closing out the EP with a bonus track, Mad Decent up-and-comer Party Favor features the records only remix. Beginning with a recording of Dillon’s German alter-ego DJ Hansel the twerk-infused remix commences and certainly delivers the goods. The remix brings new energy to the already high-octane original smash hit.

This Mixtape is Fire is hardly revolutionary, but it’s well worth the wait. This is music designed to move bodies with its brute physicality. If you’re looking to purchase a record this week; this is the record you need.