Electric Daisy Carnival Sets The Record For Largest Stage Ever Built In USA


This year’s Electric Daisy Carnival was no doubt the biggest festival Insomniac Events have run and with record numbers of attendees, the festival has set another new record that is currently down in the history books.

This year’s main stage also known as the “Kinetic Cathedral” stood at an astounding 440 feet wide (80 feet wider than a football field) and mere 80 feet tall. The sheer size of the main stage was enough to take out the record for the largest stage ever assembled in North America.

The Kinetic Catheral in comparison was twice as big as U2’s world-renoud “360” stage which previously held the record and almost six times as big as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” tour stage.

Featuring 28 LED displays, over 30 lasers and 1000 light fixtures, the stage required a total of 2.5 million watts of power just to function.

From the wild stages of Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland and the Defqon festivals, EDM festivals have been getting bigger and better each year. The question is, however, will Insomniac be able to one-up their own record by next year? We’ll just have to wait and see.



[Article Photos courtesy of Insomniac]