Krewella Announce New Album ‘zer0’


Marking their first studio album in three years, electronic super duo Krewella will return in 2020 with their highly anticipated album ‘zer0’.

Set to drop on January 31, 2020, ‘zer0’ will feature never before heard tracks as well as a string of recently released singles.

When asked about the story behind ‘zerO’ Jahan explained “It started off as just a conversation. We were talking in a car on the way to Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful drive, very gloomy, very misty, and…we were talking about the extreme opposing emotions that you can feel, or the extreme opposing values. If you feel extreme desperation, the exact opposite of that can be felt at the exact same moment, and there’s a place in between those two extremes. That is “zer0.” Zero is infinity, but it’s also emptiness, purity, innocence, something void of concepts or opinions or projection.”

Krewella‘s last official release was 2017’s ‘New World Pt. 1’. Since then,  Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have taken time to experiment and trial new things. When asked by Billboard if their next release would follow on from their EP Jahan said “We actually intended to create a New World Pt. II, but we ended up going above and beyond what a Pt. II EP would seem like. It felt like something bigger or more meaningful. We wanted to capture a deeper, more complicated and complex emotional, spiritual and cultural layers. That felt like more songs, like we needed more space on a body of work to capture that. We just kept writing. We don’t want to stop, and eventually it was enough to make an album.”

Krewella have released a number of singles in the years since including ‘Bad Liar’, ‘Runaway’ and most recently ‘Mana’ and ‘Good On You’. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album release and in the meantime, enjoy the first taste of new Krewella music below!

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