Krewella talk negative stereotypes of women in Electronic Dance Music


One of Electronic Dance Music’s talked about acts, Krewella, recently sat down for an interview with Forbers to discuss a everything from how their career in music started, social media addiction and the controversial backlash after the lawsuit from former group member Rain Man.

Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf more importantly shared their thoughts on the misconceptions and negative portrayal of successful women within the electronic music industry. “It’s important to recognize that there are still certain stereotypes,” said Jahan. “There are so many rumors that go around still – if there’s a woman that’s successful it’s because … she slept with this person, or she bought her way into this, rather than her just having talent.”

While the duo largely focus on feminism, the interview briefly mentions that the long-winded lawsuit between the sisters and their ex-band mate Kris Trindl (known as Rain Man) has finally come to a close. It also points out that though Krewella are among the highest-earning female dance acts in the world – raking in nearly $8 million last year – no women have yet to crack the company’s annual Electronic Cash Kings list.

Watch the full video interview below!