Meet The Team Behind Flume At EMC 2014


Some would say It’s easy to look at an artist as big as Flume and overlook the team behind them. From the public’s perspective, we don’t usually see the hard work of the manager, publicist, the booking agent, etc. Instead, we hear a finished product, we see an impressive live set, and we don’t pay much heed to the what goes on behind the scene.

In reality, however, nearly every major artist has a dedicated team behind them, helping to build their brand in a professional and intelligent manner. Back in November, this year’s EMC Australia saw none other than Flume’s team hop on the panel to discuss the strategy behind the international sensation.

Manager, Nathan McLay from Future Classic, moderates the panel in which they discuss how it all started through to international bookings, stage and production through to art direction.

With such a diverse team behind him, it’s safe to say Flume’s future is in competent hands. Watch the full video below!

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