Native Instruments Tease The Future of DJing With Traktor Kontrol S8


Native Instruments have officially unveiled a teaser video of their highly anticipated, upcoming Traktor controller, the Kontrol S8.

With the product designs leaking earlier this month, majority of the producers and DJs around the globe have already already discovered what the product looks like off a now-taken-down Amazon store. The biggest feature that has everyone talking is the removal of jog wheels and an addition of touch strips. With more of a focus on the remix decks, this will allow DJs to be more creative with this new controller. The S8 also features two built-in screens that will draw majority of the focus to the controller rather than the laptop.

Although the controller seems intriguing, we are eager to see how other DJs feel about the lack of jog wheels and such a heavy focus on live remixing. What are your thoughts?