NGHTMRE, Shaq and Lil Jon drop music video for ‘Bang’

There’s no question NGHTMRE is at the top of the game when it comes to stellar bass music productions. Add to this the combined forces of Shaquille O’neal, who’s proven he’s far more than a one trick pony as his longtime DJ Diesel moniker and the legendary Lil Jon; and you’ve got yourself one hell of a concoction.

The trio recently teamed up for a new track titled ‘Bang’ and have officially released the music video for the record. With footage captured back in March during Miami Music Week, it takes us through a list of ridiculous situations including getting IVs together, crusing around in exotic cars, heavy drinking, playing hide and seek and more.

Lil Jon, NGHTMRE, and DJ Diesel provide a three-minute dose of entertainment that’ll get you amped for the weekend. Watch the full music video below and stream the new single out now on all platforms.

YouTube video