Nielsen Study Profiles The Typical EDM Fan


Ever wondered what your typical EDM fan looks like? If so, The Nielson Company has decided to help you out.

The international consumer measurement firm has applied its data analysis to dance music in a demographic study of EDM’s online fanbase.

At the EDMBiz conference in Las Vegas in June, The Nielson Company representative Tatiana Simonian spoke about the study performed by the data giant and revealed some interesting statistics.

It is not a surprise to most people that the results recorded the average EDM fan by a wide margin is an 18-24 year old male, with at least “some college” education with a household income between $25,000 and $50,000 annually.

Some of the more interesting statistics reported were from the study dealt with gender, in which they found that the ratio of male:female fans were 55:45, but that males dominated every age group except for the eldest and youngest brackets.

The infographic also has an index that measures the concentration of each group within electronic music as compared to the entire United States. For example, 7% of people surveyed are in a household that makes $150,000+, but the 206 index score means the group makes up 206% of the proportion of similar households as the country itself, which means that it is extremely popular among wealthy households.

In the ethnicity department, while 63 percent of fans sampled were white, the value of 84 shows that this isn’t above what is expected. In fact, EDM does a comparatively poor job of reaching whites according to this report. By contrast, the indexes of US racial minorities ranging from 110 to 224 suggest that dance music is more effective in this respect, perhaps reflecting the movement’s origins in Chicago and Detroit as a predominantly African American- and Latino-driven subculture.

*Index = % applicable EDM fans / % applicable in US x 100
**Hispanic is asked as a separate question (ethnicity) which is why the sum is 129%

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Source: Less Than 3