Noisehive Digital Music Distribution Opens To The Public


Originally launched in early 2015, Noisehive was developed by the team at Xelon Entertainment as a solution for independent artists looking for online music distribution. Offering premium digital music distribution and hands-on support to artists, bands and record labels, Noisehive’s aim is to provide a high quality, user-friendly and cost effective alternative to major distributors, and web based aggregators.

Having been approached by numerous artists over the years, at varying stages in their career, the team at Xelon Entertainment saw a need for a more tailored approach. “Artists often found us through Apple’s preferred aggregator listing,” says Noisehive’s Melbourne based manager, Arlo Enemark, “but we didn’t have a home for them yet. These were musicians with an album coming or a small back catalog, whilst our regular clients were sending us multiple releases a week. Not having a business model for these artists often meant turning them away, or just not giving them the TLC they deserved”. At the core of their values, Noisehive was born as a way to provide the same level of support to independent artists, as Xelon Entertainment has so expertly done with their regular clientele over the years.

Inline with Xelon’s commission based model, Noisehive aims to keep it simple for artists with a one-off sign up fee, and no further costs for assets, or services such as playlist pitching. The set-up is intentionally designed to help artists engage and learn  throughout the process, as Arlo explains, “we can now educate the client with all they need to get the record out and make the most of its release”. From master and art delivery specs, to industry advice and playlist pitching, Noisehive clients can experience a hands on service that they wouldn’t get from a purely website based aggregator. Staffed by a team of music lovers with a wealth of industry experience, Noisehive provides each artist with a dedicated label manager, to provide ongoing support and resources on each campaign.

Launching via referrals only, Noisehive has quickly developed an impressive roster of local and international artists, including Kayex, Made In Paris, and Golden Features. “We had a way to help these acts, so I started to reach out to unsigned musicians I liked” says Arlo, explaining Noisehive’s earliest signings. “NYUON came to us after winning the Melbourne Music Bank prize, I heard Kids At Midnight on Triple J, Chasing Ghosts is a friend from my youth, other artists I’d met at gigs or came to us via referrals”. These acts have continued to grow with Noisehive and no doubt enjoy the personal touch of a Melbourne-based team who will pick up the phone, answer their emails and join them on their journey.

Along with the re-launch of Noisehive platform, comes a new website which allows artists to have a clear overview of their campaigns – including everything from set up and delivery of releases, online statements, to planning their roll out and access to a thorough recommended resources section. Via the underlying Xelon platform, the team boast the functionality and service they offer with Noisehive, enabling them to not only compete at a global level, but to exceed their client’s expectations around digital music distribution. With the capacity to now offer this service to the public, the team behind Noisehive are excited to hear the new music they’ll be sending off into the wide world.

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