Rainman Files Lawsuit For Being Kicked Out Of Krewella, Jahan & Yasmin Respond


Krewella fans across the globe have probably noticed that one member of the famous trio has been mysteriously absent for quite some time. Rainman, the male DJ of the group, vanished from Krewella shows several months ago without any good explanation why.

First noticed at this years Ultra Music Festival in Miami, fans involved in the UMFTV Live chat were all asking about his absence. Today we’ve learned that his absence, which it was originally stated to be temporary, will be permanent. And he’s not happy about it.

Kristopher Trindl “Rainman” helped form Krewella with his former girlfriend Jahan Yousaf and her sister Yasmine back in 2010. According to a new lawsuit, Rainman stated that the girls came up with a lame reason for kicking him out… that’s he’s not fun enough.

Ironically, Rainman spent the last year in rehab for having too much fun – in the early stages of the bands’ success he was notorious for hard partying. After Rainman’s trip to rehab, he states that the sisters began treating him differently, including trying to have him sent back to rehab for being ‘too depressed’. Essentially, he feels as if he is either ‘too fun’ or ‘not fun enough’ for the females of Krewella.

And, since he has been cut out of their productions and shows since this quarrel, he is suing them. For allegedly more than $5 million dollars.

Trindl v. Yousaf, Et Al

Jahan and Yasmine have today released their own statement regarding the issue, see below.