Shaquille O’Neal Debuts As “DJ Diesel” At Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas


Legendary NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has taken up DJ’ing.

Yes this is 100% serious and in fact the Kazaam star and basketball commentator debuted as “DJ Diesel” at Las Vegas’ Chateau nightclub on June 27, sporting metallic gold headphones and jeans.

According to DJ Iri who was the resident DJ for TBS’ “Inside the NBA”, Shaq has been learning how to scratch in Miami Beach.

“When Shaq was in Miami he actually made a studio in his house,” Irie told TMZ Sports. “We’d go there and make beats and do mashups. He was very much into DJ’ing. We actually made 3-4 mixtapes.”

“We had a preseason game in Puerto Rico one year and I was there DJ’ing a party. Shaq came up to the booth and said ‘Let me get on.’ The first song he played was ‘Move B**ch’ by Ludacris. He rocked me!”

Irie added Shaq has a “natural feeling” for DJ’ing, and offered some advice for the NBA star before his Cheateau gig.

Here’s some video of his Friday night performance (unfortunately there is no sound on the video, we’re guessing they were worried about copyright infringement).