Subsonic Festival Expands 2023 Festival Lineup


Subsonic Festival has set the stage ablaze with the inclusion of an array of remarkable artists to their 2023 lineup. The latest additions feature headline acts such as UK selector Alex Falconer, Los Angeles house maestro DJ Mez, and France’s electrifying rRoxymore. These prominent figures join the previously announced headliners, including Crooked Colours, rapper Barkaa, the dynamic Haiku Hands, and the multi-talented Youngr.

The festival’s captivating lineup expands further with the inclusion of over 150 local producers and DJs. Among these, notable veterans like Simon Caldwell and Phil Smart will take the stage, alongside vibrant acts like Rabbit Taxi, Gabby, Elijah Something, and a host of other talented performers.

After a four-year hiatus, initially brought on by bushfires and later compounded by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Subsonic is set to make its highly anticipated return in 2023. Returning to its spiritual home at Riverwood Downs on the picturesque Karuah River in New South Wales, the festival is scheduled to run from Friday, December 8th, to Sunday, December 10th.

Festival-goers will have the opportunity to unwind by the tranquil Karuah River and engage in an array of exciting workshops, including dance and breathwork, at the festival’s captivating Lifestyle Village, under the guidance of Mimi Elashiry. Tickets are available for purchase, and an array of camping options are at attendees’ disposal.

Subsonic 2023 Festival Lineup

, Alex Falconer, MEZ, rRoxymore, Aaiste., Accent’, Adi B, Alec Sander, Alex Dowsing, Alex Ludlow, Alina, Alison Belle, Amar Dhall, Amber, Amhain, Andres & Hosca, Andrew Wowk, Andy Ivory, Anomie & Micapam, Apolett, Atigma, au4r33y, Azza Huasca, Ben Booth, Ben Nott, Ben Pailas & Tomek, Big Ting Recordings, Billsbry, Bract, Brother Nature, Skelmo & Sonny Whu, Butterz, Carlo Gambino & Kleo, Cassette & Danni B, Cheshire, Clutch4love, Da Heebie Jeebies, Dan Baartz & Joss, Daniel Sun, Dave Stuart, Dawson & Jordy, Deepa, DJ Goanna, DJ Mistry, Dom Diaz, Dunj DJs, Dylan Griffin, E-Series DJs, Elijah Something, Erik & Nikola, Foreign Dub, Francesco Santo, Franchi Brothers, Freya, Gabby, Garth Linton, Gemma Van D, Gillielove, Gilsun, Happy Happy, Ile Ilu, Isa, Jackson Winter, Jacqui Cunningham, Jad Hammerson, Jake Hough, Jakob, James Russller, Jas Manning, Jas Peters, Jason Spyrides, Jimmy Brus, Jimmy Galvin, JNRSTAX, Josefina Tapia & Kempa, Jungist & G Spot. K Queen, Kangu, Kerry Wallace & Sun Archive, Lazy Suzan. Le Fatso, Leon Dream, Lewba, Lili Joy, Lo Qi, Logan Baker, LOUÍS, Louis Coste, Lovefromsoph, Lucas & Benj, Lucca Tan, Luny, Madam Rev, Mantra Collective, Manu Neves, Martyna. Marvin, Matt Weir, Mighty Healthy, Monsieur Diop, Moody, Morgan, N.O.X., Natalie Lawrence & Melo, Nate S.U., Newy Bass Crew, Nick Reverse, Nine One, No More Plastic, Oliiv, OSCL8, Partigirl, Paul A George, Paul Abad, Phil Smart, Phil Sure, Pob, Rabbit Taxi, RAW, Red Rey, Reenie, Rif Raf, Rubric, Said Dami, Shepz, Simon Caldwell, Skender Mandreca, Spacious Pug, Spontaneous, Subaske, Swisherman, Tamara Radosevic, Tamen, Tangela, Tassone, Tezzel & Pol, Themzy, Timmus, Tomb, Tristan Case, Tsura, Tygua, U-Khan, Unknown Associates, Venda, Waxlily, Whitecat, Wonqi Rose, Xion, Xuja, Z.I.V., Zankee Galati


Crooked Colours, BARKAA, Youngr, Haiku Hands, Jess B, Andy Garvey, Digital, Dr Dubplate, Eric Cloutier, Grouch, Kate Miller, Litmus, Lunar Disco, Marlie, Quest, Sub Tribe, Tetrameth, The Regime, Tijuana Cartel, True Vibenation, Walrus, AirMax 97, Bare Necessities, Barney Kato, Bumble, Butane, Chris Munky, Cousin, D Sens, DJ Scorpion, Doppel, Eegor, Flexy Ferg, Fukhed, Gambirra Mob, Jesse Kuch, John Baptiste, JPS, Kerry Wallace, Klue, Kobi Toledano, Megapixel, Mincy, Mista Savona, Moodswing & Chevybass, Ozzy, Parker, P Smurf, Robbie Lowe, Thankyou City, Tom Baker, Triforce, Uone, Vorpal, Wilma, Zigmon

Event Information

When: Friday, 8th to Sunday, 10th December

Where: Riverwood Downs, NSW

Tickets: Head to the official website to secure tickets.

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