Watch Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Four Tet Perform in Times Square New York

Watch Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Four Tet Perform in Times Square New York Feature

If you were keeping a close eye on the recent activities of Skrillex, Fred again.., and Four Tet, who recently became good friends, you may have predicted what was about to happen. The three musicians have reunited for a new series of impromptu concerts in New York City.

February 17, 2023 brought a delightful surprise for electronic music enthusiasts as Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet came together for an impromptu pop-up show in the vibrant Times Square of New York City. This spontaneous event drew a huge crowd of passionate fans, eagerly anticipating the performances of these highly regarded artists. With their distinct approaches and inventive sounds, Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet delivered a unique live experience that mesmerized the audience and made an indelible mark on the city that never sleeps.

The pop-up concert in Times Square served as a preview for the highly anticipated two-night extravaganza at the legendary Madison Square Garden, where Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet are scheduled to deliver a spectacular performance that won’t soon be forgotten. Fans can look forward to an exhilarating presentation of music and visual effects, with the three artists demonstrating their unique talents and pushing the boundaries of electronic music. The buzz surrounding the event has been growing for weeks, and following the successful Times Square pop-up, it’s evident that the hype surrounding the upcoming Madison Square Garden concerts is well-deserved.

After the pop-up concert in Times Square ended, fans were filled with a feeling of wonder and eagerness for what lies ahead in the upcoming days. Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet demonstrated that they are not just independent musicians, but a supergroup that is pushing the limits in electronic music. It comes as no shock that their upcoming performances at Madison Square Garden are the center of attention and have already sold out. Furthermore, Skrillex has just released his latest album, intensifying the anticipation even further.

Stream the full performance below!

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