Watch Tiesto’s Very Own Bellagio Hotel Fountain Show


Last week brought the news that Dutch producer/DJ Tiesto had his very own Bellagio fountain show on the way and that it would feature a mix of songs from his most recent album A Town Called Paradise.

Seen as not only quite a large stepping stone for Tiesto, but for the electronic music community as a whole, it is the first time dance music has been used to create a Bellagio fountain show. Tiesto has now joined the ranks of music legends including Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John and Frank Sinatra as stars to have their own music score the Bellagio fountain show.

Thanks to Inbound Vegas, we have been granted the opportunity to see what the show is like, so click play and marvel at the show below!

Tiesto Debuts at Fountains of Bellagio from Inbound Vegas on Vimeo.