Darude Joins Deadmau5 On Latest Coffee Run


Since the inception of the coffee run series, Deadmau5 has brought some big names into the seat of his Ferrari. This time around, the ‘mau5 is rolling in some new wheels, taking none other than Darude along for the ride.

During the fourty minute drive the two discuss everything from cars, TV shows, hardware, global warming and snowboarding; all whilst trying to talk over the Lamborghini Purracan‘s powerful engine.

The topic of Darude’s iconic hit ‘Sandstorm’ gets a mention with Deadmau5 explaining how it was that track that helped initiate the dance music revolution in North America. “What the plebs don’t know is that you and a very select few others are responsible for the influx of electronic music into North America, It was Sandstorm – I’m totally being serious – Binary Finary, Ferry Corsten’s remix and do you remember The Porn Kings? It was all around the same time, and that’s what all the clubs were hitting on. That’s the first time [electronic music] became less “underground and cool”…there wasn’t anything before that.”

Deadmau5 then adds to the fact “You have that piece of history, That’s something to be very fucking proud of.” Watch the full coffee run below!